Due to factors such as weather and increased demand, there are shortages of some kinds of fish this spring, both regionally and nationally. This is greatly affecting our inventory and delivery schedule so if you have placed an order for delivery we ask for your patience as we are doing everything we can to deliver your fish as soon as possible.

*all fish are certified disease free*

We sell many types of fish such as trout, catfish, walleye, perch, fathead minnows, and triploid grass carp — but our specialty is largemouth bass.  In fact, we are the largest bass rearing facility in the northeast.  If you want to stock a pond, lake or stream we may be able to help.  With plenty of carrying capacity on our delivery truck we can easily carry large loads of fish hundreds of miles from our farm in central New York. Along with New York we are currently approved to sell fish in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

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Hickling's Fish Farm, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that has been supplying fish for stocking and wholesale since 1986. Vincent and Linda Hickling started the business after selling the dairy farm that they had worked for 27 years. Since then, they have evolved from hatching trout in the basement of their home to raising fish in over 30 ponds and in 4 climate controlled buildings containing approximately 33,000 sq. ft. with a capacity of nearly 430,000 gallons of water. Vincent and Linda's son and daughter-in-law, Darin and Bonnie, came into the business full time in the spring of 2003. Darin grew up on the dairy and fish farms, then received his bachelor's degree in civil engineering technology. He worked as a staking engineer for the local electric co-op for nearly 6 years before realizing his true calling and returning to the business

Family is a priority for the Hicklings. All of Vinnie and Linda's children live within a few miles, which is a blessing as it keeps all of their grandchildren close. One of their grandsons, Chris, came into the business full time in the spring of '09. One of Vinnie's brothers, Lawrence, also lives within 2 miles of them and works the original dairy farm that has been in the family since the 1880's, with son, Paul.  Everyone gets together often for pizza or barbecues, and it is unusual to have less than a table full for lunch.

Grass Carp

In our experience, one of the best methods of weed control is the triploid grass carp. They are a very effective alternative to chemicals and in the end probably more affordable and hassle-free. The carp are fairly expensive but the recommended stocking rate is only about 10 to 12 fish per acre. So, when you divide the initial cost by their useful life of 4-5 years, it really is a good option. Most weed control chemicals are expensive and need to be applied multiple times per year. Triploid grass carp are genetically altered so they will not reproduce in your pond. Regular (diploid) grass carp are illegal in New York because if they were to get into public waters they would wreak havoc on the vegetation. For this reason you must obtain a special permit from the DEC in order to purchase triploid grass carp. You can download a grass carp permit application by clicking on the following link (grasscarppermitapplication). There is no cost for the permit, but you will have to answer a few questions about your pond, and they will determine the maximum number that you may stock.

Pond Dye

Another option to help control weeds is pond dye. Pond dye is FDA approved so it's safe to add to ponds even if you plan to eat the fish in your pond or go swimming.  The dye blocks sunlight from penetrating the water in order to inhibit weed growth.  The dye comes in 2 colors, TrueBlue (gives the pond a nice blue tint) and DeepBlue (gives the pond a more natural color).

Pond Bacteria

A third option for weed control is to add beneficial bacteria to your pond.  The bacteria helps get rid of built up sludge and dissolved nutrients in the pond that weeds and algae feed on thereby inhibiting their growth. Once again this is a completely natural and safe option, however, it tends to be fairly expensive and results can vary depending on the chemistry of your pond.

Hickling's Fish Farm sells Silver Cup Fish Food. Raising fish in a system in which we recirculate the water requires that we use the best food on the market. That is why this is the only brand of fish food used at our farm. In fact this is the brand used by most large fish farms. The fish food is a floating pellet sold in various sizes depending on the size of the fish that you are feeding.

indoor bass hatchery
    Climate-controlled grow-out facility
large raceway for growing bass
Large raceways used to grow bass
farm raised largemouth bass
An example of bass grown at our facility

    Overhead view of part of our farm

Close-up view of a transport tank

Automatic floating feeder in one of our ponds

Mail: 143 Hickling Rd, Edmeston, NY 13335

Phone: (607) 965-8488


Hickling's Fish Farm is located in central New York, about 18 miles west of Cooperstown and approximately 35 miles south of Utica. We DO NOT recommend using GPS or computer mapping programs for directions to our farm.  There are a lot of seasonal roads in our area and they tend to send you over some of these roads.  Click below for the best directions from different areas in the state.

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